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Chickens For Sale Near Me Chicks
Straight Run Breeds the are designed with exotics chickens crossed for color and cuteness! DOES NOE INCLUDE SILKIES OR OTHER RARE FULL BLOODED BREEDS  
Colors: Black / White/ Blue The langshan chicken is a dual purpose chicken from china. Now close to extinction in China and very rare abroad...
Chickens For Sale Near Me Chicks
The colors are as real in real life as they are in the picture. Very Rare Beilefelder 100% pure chickens for sale Houston.
Chickens For Sale Near Me Chicks
ONE OF THE MOST HEAT TOLLERANT BREEDS! Heritage old world show quality Dark Brahma chicks. These are over sized standing at from 18 inches to...
This is a young rooster that just started his breeding season so the comb will flush with hormones causing a red tint. Once the rooster...
Ayem Cemani Chicks for Sale. The breeders meet 100% of Ayam Cemani breeding standard. Most importantly the comb is perfect on the rooster. Extra dark skin,...
Chickens For Sale Near Me Chicks
Hybrid Leghorn and Light Brahma Chicks for Sale in Houston. Top quality chicks! Actual chicks may vary in color from the picture.
Cornish Cross Meat Chicks for Sale in Houston. Top quality chicks!  Cornish Rock cross Dark Brahma. Extra Dark Meat and Fast Growing.
Chickens For Sale Near Me Chicks
Hatched On-Site. Never shipped in from other hatcheries.  Barnyard Mixed With: Barred Rock. Leghorn. Blue Plymouth Rock. Golden Sex Link. Black Sex Link. Crele Penedesenca....
Live Broiler Chicks and Chickens for sale. Fast growing chickens that are for eating. Average of 4 lbs of tender meat in 8 weeks! We...