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Live Oak Chicken Farm is located 35 minutes from downtown Houston in Alvin Texas on a 5 acre farm The farm is covered in live oak trees which gives us the name Live Oak Chicken Farm. This protection from the trees makes it a cooler and breezy environment for the chickens. It also protect the free range birds from large predators in the sky. We have an onsite hatchery and specialize in exotic chickens like silkies and polish. We also concentrate on mixed breeds that high a higher egg laying capability.
Chickens For Sale in Houston Outdoor Brooder
Hatchery: Our incubators are indoors aswell as the brooder stations for the first week. Once a week or sometimes 2 weeks old the chicks in the second brooder outside until they are 3 weeks to a month old. 
Chickens for sale in Houston Mixed Coop
We have a large selection of our own full blooded roosters and hens. We focus mainly on the exotic chickens like Silkies and Polish, but also breed Cornish Rock (meat birds) and breeds like Salmon Faverolles and Rhode Island Reds.
Chickens For Sale in Houston Silkie Coop
The larges coop and run is about 1 acre combined. This is the original breeding area we use with mixes of full blooded chickens. Most of the chickens for sale in Houston that we have to offer are mixed with breeds that lay up to 300 eggs a year! A family of 5 can easily get by with 4 of our mixed hybrid egg layers. 
Chickens For Sale in Houston Main Coop
Beware of the geese! They are not nice. But they are in a cage luckily!
Chickens For Sale in Houston Goose Cage