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100% of the breeds on this list are from our breeders that are clean with no signs of MG, Marek's, or other Disease ( Flock Tested Periodically). They are all hatched here on sites. Raised here on site. Fed our special blend that we create and change depending on the smell and look of feeds. Nothing is ever shipped in or shipped out simply because chicks cannot be correctly shipped no matter what you do or who you are. A shipped chicken is a compromised chicken due to the impact on their organs from the incorrect brooding temperature and lack of water/food. Price can change depending on many factors but we have not changed the price since the start of Covid since this is not a for profit business. Just a private hatchery with a mission to create lively robust chicks that few can offer. Where ever you buy chicks, ask to see the breeders! On purchase Michelle will give you a very large writeup on things you need to know to make the little chicks TRHIVE! Come get your healthy heart chicks Today! Or when we are open..


Ayam Cemani - Cream Colored Egg 
Bielefelder - Dark Brown Egg 
Croad Langshan - Light Brown Egg
Dark Brahma - Brown Egg
Gold Partridge Brahma - Brown Egg ( Coming Soon ) 
Gold Blue Laced Partridge Brahma - Brown Egg ( Coming Soon ) 
Duccle - Cream Egg
Naked Neck - White Egg
Polish Buff LF - Cream Egg
Silkies - Cream / White Egg
Silkie White Show Quality - Cream / White Egg 
Lavender Orpington - Brown Egg


Cornish Cross Live Oak Line - Cream Egg 
Easter Egger - Blue or Green Egg
Easter Eggers LF Frizzled - Blue or Green Egg
Polish Frizzle - White Egg
Polish Silkie - White Egg
Galaxy Silkies - White Egg ( Temp Out Of Stock ) 
Lemon Silkies - White Egg (Temp Out Of Stock )
Cuckoo Silkies - White Egg ( Temp Out Of Stock )