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On this page that will continuously be constructed, you will be able to find resources on poultry ( chicken ) scientific articles. From nutrition, to disease, to care. If you are not a reader and prefer hands on information from us, you are more than welcome to ask as many questions at our farm while purchasing your birds. Live Oak Chicken Farm is known for having mainly rare and exotics breeds but we do carry starter more budget friendly bird also. In these articles and very few websites on the internet, there is no discussion on the impact poultry if shipped through the mail or transported incorrectly. If you are new to chickens, try to stay away from farms that flip chickens which are usually shipped in the mail and simply sold to you. These chickens are permanently compromised from improper brooding temps and other elements that hinder their future forever. Try to find a breeder like Live Oak Chicken Farm a.k.a Chickens For Sale Houston. 

• Texas A&M Ag Extension POULTRY - CHICKEN SCIENCE  

• BTU Calculator For Heating or Cooling CHICKEN BTU CALCULATOR

• Common Poultry Disease (Avoidable with Bio Security and Sanitation) CHICKEN HEALTH

Chicken Mortality Rate Information from Humane Society CHICKEN MORTALITY RATE

• Chicken Feed Bag Accuracy Test CHICKEN FEED BAG TAG ACCURACY