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Chickens For Sale Houston

Chickens Breed, Hatched, and Raised Right Here in Houston!

There are major hatcheries that a lot of farms simply buy from and resell to you. These chicks from hatcheries are low quality to medium quality. By the time they get here through the mail they have been deprived of food and water for over 3 days. Here at Live Oak Chicken Farm a.k.a Chickens For Sale Houston, we never import chicks. We have breeders right here on our farm that we traveled 1000s of miles to obtain. From there we feed them high quality locally milled feed. We hatch their eggs in our commercial incubators and we grow out the chicks in our walk in brooding facility all right here in Houston! This gives you a strong happy chick that is an offspring of high quality chicken breeds. The extra boost in health and perfect temperatures from day 1 create strong immune systems and happy tummies in our chicks. No poopy butt like at the tractor stores! Everything is done on-site the right way bc after all, you want to start with the highest quality chicken bc a chick is a long term investment. Invest in your and their health and piece of mind. Chickens For Sale Houston is ready for you with hundreds of colored egg laying breeds and rare breeds.

Chickens For Sale Houston

Chicken Breeders

There are a lot of chicken suppliers in Houston that simply import chickens from major hatcheries. This might be priced better but the quality is not comparable to a breeding farm. Here at Live Oak Chicken Farm a.k.a Chickens For Sale Houston, we focus on quality breeding and NEVER import chicks to sell. They are all bred and hatched right here in Greater Houston. The pricing is about the same but quality control and a strong happy chicken is what we focus on,

When you get chicks from a hatchery, there is not much quality control in the rooster and hen that breed. You can get weak immune systems, deformation later on in life, and even sudden death. Here are Live Oak Chicken Farm, we don't import any chicks from hatcheries. We look on social platforms and market places for breeders who specialize their whole flock in specific breeds. From there we choose which chickens are the best for breeding and with that comes a price tag for us. After 7 months we have our first eggs and we hatch them right here on our chicken farm. They are never shipped and deprived of water and food! This is important bc after 3 days of no water and food the chicks health is severely compromised!
If you ever missed a meal, surely that effects not only your energy but also your mood. Same with chicks being shipped. There is no food or water in the box they are shipped in! Sadly for more than 3 days. After 1 day the chick will start getting more weak after consuming all the energy it got from inside the egg. Day 2 the chicks body will start attacking it's own muscles for fuel. Day 3 the chick is almost too week to feed its self. At Live Oak Chicken Farm, our chicks get food and water on the first day of life. The feed is premium feed further strengthening the chick for strong development of life.
Hatcheries create there chicks behind closed doors. While you may never see the quality of the breeders, if you ever grew out hatchery chicks you will find the chicken doesn't meet standards. Hatcheries focus on quantity not quality. This could be a big bummer after you spend 7 months growing out your chicken to find genetic defects, stunted growth, or discoloration. At Live Oak Chicken Farm, we hand select each breed to the Poultry Association Standards. These quality, strong, and colorful chickens are not easy to find and usually require interstate travel as far as 600 miles away. Our chickens are perfected, and will not have disfomaties or size issues as you grow them out.