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Chickens For Sale in Houston

Chickens For Sale Houston Farm

Chickens for sale in Houston and greater Houston by Live Oak Chicken Farm. Currently we have 100's of laying hens for sale. We also specialized in hybrid chicks breed for dual purpose, both for egg and meat. The hybrid chickens we offer are crosses with barred rock, jersey giants, Rhode island reds, leg horns and other full blooded chicken varieties. 

Aside from our hybrid chickens, we also carry full blooded barred rocks, leghorns, cinnamon queens, and easter eggers in all age groups. If you are looking for chickens for sale in Houston, Live Oak Chicken Farm is a convenient hatchery located in Alvin Texas. Just 35 minute minutes south of downtown Houston!

Chickens For Sale Houston TX

Easter Eggers are one of the more common chickens for sale in Houston, These chickens lay different color eggs other than your normal white and brown eggs. They can lay blue, green, and other interesting colors of eggs. A lot of chickens for sale in Houston are unknown barnyard mixes. Here at Live Oak Chicken Farm we have full blooded easter eggers ready for purchase. 

Barred Rock chickens are available in all ages and sexes. These chickens are great for pets or if you want a more laid back chicken. Barred rocks lay brown eggs and can lay up to 220 a year. If you live in an HOA that allows only hens, these chickens are a better choice . Other chickens for sale in Houston that we offer are leghorn hybrids. 

Leghorn chickens are great for a low maintenance chicken. They tend to free range and need less feed bc they will find bugs and vegetation. You will need a little more space for them for this reason so they can find enough food to live a healthy life.


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