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Chicken For Sale Houston - Salmon Favorelles

The Faverolles chicken breed is named after the village of Faverolles, found in the Eure-et-Loire region just southwest of Paris, France. This breed was developed by crossing many other chicken breeds and then selecting for production qualities. Although for many years Faverolles chickens were a mixed breed, by roughly 1886 a distinct type arose and with consistent feather color. The breed was imported to England in 1894 and was introduced to America by Dr. A.H. Phelps of Glen Falls, NY, in 1901 or 1902.

Currently The Livestock Conservacy has listed Favorelles as a threatened breed among poultry. Although Faverolles chickens come in an assortment of colors, in America only Salmon and White are generally found and are the only colors recognized by the American Poultry Association. Salmon is a unique color pattern exclusive to the Faverolles chicken.  Favorelles chickens are medium-sized, with deep compact bodies, feathered legs and feet and beards. Their cute fluffy appearance makes it easy to forget that this breed was was created for meat production and winter egg laying for the Paris market in mind. Faverolles chickens combine early maturity, hardiness, and great egg-laying with delicious tasting meat. This breed produces fine broilers and roasters. During the 1900s it was considered the best French breed yet produced. Faverolles hens lay tinted eggs and are excellent sitters and mothers. Hens are expected to lay approximately 150-180 medium to large size eggs per year. Males weigh approximately 8 lbs and Females weigh 6.5 lbs. For more information on this breed go to .

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