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New Hampshire Red Young Laying Hens ( CLEAN, HEALTHY, PULLETS)

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5 Month Old Very Healthy Very Clean Very Fat almost laying or laying Pullets! These hens come from a partnering private clean farm that pass all of our health and...

5 Month Old Very Healthy Very Clean Very Fat almost laying or laying Pullets!

These hens come from a partnering private clean farm that pass all of our health and quarantine checks. Good to go hardy laying hens. These girls are also with LF frizzled EE roosters so there is a chance of the eggs being fertilized in which you can incubate and start more chicks! 

*BEWARE: There are a lot of sexlink chickens flooding the markets for very low prices. These chickens are stated to be 14 months old. That is far from the fact. They are retired girls that worked 3 - 4 years and are at their end. Be careful with these (trailer chickens). We have seen pictures online of the source and they appear to have MG (mycoplasma). Once MG is in your flock it is permanent and the medication is very expensive and doesn't always work. If you do get MG in your flock you will need to start over by getting rid of the entire flock. You will have to bleach the entire coop, run, and where ever the chickens have traveled to. After that you will have to wait 2 weeks and do it one more time before restarting a clean flock. Some people sadly are buying them to eat. I can assure you a diseased old chicken will never taste good. Some cultures do like the taste for some reason. 

Our New Hampshire Reds are raised by a professional lady that knows what she is doing (not a commercial caged grow out facility). They arrive 10 out of 10 in health and cleanliness. Once we pick them up and quarantine we keep them for 1 month and fatten them up with our Live Oak Feed Mix made of 4 - 5 different local mills which harvest their own fields. After 1 month the color, health, and energy is greatly increased. In that time they also reach laying stage! If you wish to incubate the eggs within 2 weeks of taking your hen home, you should be able to hatch them! The chicks will be Easter Eggers! Half frizzled half satin. If you are lucky enough for the price below AND hatching you will have 1 healthy hen and 10 - 12 easter egger chicks if you have a successful 100% hatch rate!

Buy 1 $70

Buy 5-9 $60

Buy 10+ $55

Additionally if you pay cash there is a 10% discount. No limit. 



*The statement is based on fact when we picked up some of the chickens to use as breeders for easter eggers 18 months ago. We regret ever trying and were very upset we were lied to about age. Luckily we did not mix the chickens with our flock and used them in a facility 1000' away from our chickens. We ended up giving them away for free because they had MG. The following 2 weeks we sanitized the remote coup in which they were housed and started over. If you see these chickens for lower than $18 ask to see the breeders and ask question. You do NOT want MG on your farm. When we started we got it from another local chicken flipper in Galveston County and had to completely start over 3.5 years ago. It was a costly learning curve in which we have learned to ask questions when we bring chickens into our farm from an outside source ( which we no longer do since we have a sizable pristine flock now )