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Nobody likes those $300 - $600 vet bills for an animal that vets typically don't study or see as a patients. Here at Live Oak Chicken Farm, Michelle has you covered for a simple trip charge of $75 plus $50 an hour for care given. Not only do you get a better experienced individual who has a vet tech past, but also a person that has handled close to 14,000 chickens in the past 3 years. A lot of people are unaware that medications for the poultry livestock world do not require a prescription. There are very few medications that are RX. For this, during the trip to see your flock, medications are included in the pricing. After Michelle accesses the situation not only will the chicken(s) get the proper help need but you will also be given information a vet usually can't provide. 

Not Every Chicken Can Be Saved! 

Not every chicken can be saved but this is a good starting point for preventing future illnesses during the visit and evaluation of the flock. We all love our animals and sometimes it is inevitable for a chicken to pass from a condition. This service is simply to keep costs down for chicken owners to make backyard flock ownership more economical. Some illnesses are genetic, some are spread from wild birds, some from local backyard flock owners. The main goal is to get your chickens back to a healthy state and educating flock owners on preventative measures and information on good sanitation practices.  

Sanitation 101

Chickens are very messy little creatures! There are a lot of simple methods to keep germs down and the area as clean as possible. It might be inconvenient to wash your hand every time you pick up a chicken but this is a very important step in keeping the flock clean and healthy. A simply mounted bottle of hand sanitizer on your coop door could make the biggest difference in your flock when handling your chickens. Oxine is a great product that has the same power of bleach without the change of discoloration. A foot bath with an inch of oxine outside your coop can greatly reduce bacteria you track in on your shoes. 7% hydrogen peroxide can be sprayed on the coup floor to kill salmonella. Salmonella is common in flocks but what makes it dangerous is not controlling it and it becoming an infestation. Bedding is important to keep as dry and clean as possible. There are different products for bedding. Stacking hay is one of the best methods as long as it stays dry. Microbial life processes the chicken droppings rapidly after you have a few months of layered hay. This method is the lowest maintenance method for fecal control. Shavings don't hold microbial life and need to be changed out frequently. Sand is another popular bedding but needs to be raked to remove clumps of droppings.